Aristion Consulting cannot only undertake any Licencing processing but has proven one of the fastest collaborators in obtaining the desired license. Apart from offering competitive pricing, we commit to delivering on the date agreed. We additionally do support in acquiring ASPs, Tied Agencies. Lawful support for permitting is given in the accompanying locales: Great Britain, Hungary, Germany, Cyprus, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Belize, Australia, just as Latvia, Malta, New Zealand, Seychelles, and Saint Vincent and more countries.

  • Our firm can counsel on the administrations to be applied for/to be set up, for instance: 
    • an intermediary (STP)/head (market creator) 
    • ASPs, Tied Agencies
  • Give help finishing the application pack to be submitted to the controller
  • Help with the plan of the firm structure
  • Set up the necessary inside activities manual as per applicable guidelines
  • Set up the field-tested strategy and monetary projections 
  • Set up the systems manual for the avoidance of tax evasion and fear monger financing 
  • Aid the readiness of the individual surveys for investors, chiefs, and senior administration 
  • Follow up the application during the cycle of evaluation by the controller
  • Aid organization faculty arrangements (senior administration and specialist co-ops)